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Can you prove...


  • Who has been given medications in any timeframe?

  • How much of a particular drug you have ordered/issued this season?

  • Current stock levels by location?

  • An auditable trail of authorisation from a Doctor to administer medications to players?

  • Your team or organisation is exempt from Home Office controlled drug licensing?








  • Record events affecting player availability - injury, suspension etc.

  • Show current athlete/player availability status - traffic light system

  • Review status by team or individual

  • Record all treatments and outcomes

  • Easily Identify injury patterns




  • Detailed treatment intervention for each event

  • Record type of encounter - doctor, physio, osteo etc

  • List actions taken - manipulation, interferential, heat etc

  • Show projected timeframe for return to training/full activity

  • S.O.A.P Notes

  • Details of medications and prescriptions issued

  •  Integrated links to Medicines Management (optional)

Also included


  • Multi-user access and full audit trail by user

  • Access from anywhere in the world via 3G or WiFi

  • Compulsory data encryption and password protection

  • Enforced backup routines

  • Integration with Excel to provide additional dynamic reporting

  • Customised reports as required (subject to charge)


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