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Steve Simbler MRPharm.S has been involved with sports medicine since 1993 and worked with many of the major teams in football, rugby and cricket, as well as national squads. 


Having recognised a major weakness in the management and control of medicines management within the sporting arena, Steve devised a system of Medicines Management Standard Operating Procedures, which became the backbone to the development of MedsOnTrack © 


The Procedures package and the MedsOnTrack ©  system enable, and give control to, Sports based organisations ensuring that they are able to readily comply with current regulations and legislation.


“Anyone involved in sports medicine, especially in professional sport, really needs to get up to speed on legislation, to protect the club, the players and the medical staff”

Steve Simbler 2011


The rest of the MedsOnTrack ©  team has a wealth of experience particularly relevant to design, marketing, distribution and training, within the bespoke software field.   Keith Gordon and Simon Pyzer have worked together for many years, and provide the background expertise required for a dynamic and responsive software solution.


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